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Chimay Tripel (White)

Date: 25st April 2011

Alcohol: 8.0%

Volume: 330mL

Price: $4.95 (bottleshop), $12.50 (pub)

Manufactured: Baileux, Belgium

This is my second adventure in the Chimay trio following on from the Chimay Red last week.

Appearance (4/5)

Golden amber in colour again with a high level of sedimentation similar to a wheat beer.  The head came out thick and creamy/ fluffy with a yellow tinge in colour.  The head is made up of superfine bubbles similar to some of the stouts but loads more volume.  It throws a crust in the bottom of the bottle that a 10 year old Barossa Shiraz would be proud of.

Nose (4/5)

The first aroma I noticed was the yeasty breadiness that I was able to pick up as soon as the crown was removed.  There is higher end sweet note (peaches/ apricots ?) but overall dominated by wheat bread and malt.

Flavour (4.5/5)

The mouth feel is just like the head looks; a full creamy silk mouth coating with tiny bubbles attacking the tongue.  The fruit is the first flavour I notice with banana and peach followed by yeast and wheat at the back of the palate.

Finish (5/5)

I absolutely love the finish on this beer.  You get bags of honey and fruit around the front of the pallet while the back of the mouth and throat gets dry hop bitterness with ever so slight alcohol warmth that hangs around. Great balance. Whoooaaa.

Rating: (17.5/20)

Pour this beer into a glass and ‘blind Freddy’ could tell you it’s a Belgian beer and not a baddy at that.  It’s a classic that is surprisingly drinkable and available which can’t always be said for the Trappiste beers.  I could easily have a Friday afternoon session on these but alternative transport would be required :-).  A great beer and leaving me looking forward to the final chapter with Chimay Blue.


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