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Balvenie Double Wood 12 yo

Date: 21st August 2011

Alcohol: 43%

Volume: 1000mL

Price: $???

Manufactured: Speyside, Scotland (Highlands)

I know it’s childish but every time I see the name of this whisky I giggle like a school boy.  I mean, what sort of moron would name their whisky after some B grade porn movie.  In fact it may well be the sequel to a B grade porn movie. OK enough said ….

Balvenie is somewhat unique (as the bottle bumf informs me) it is one of the only remaining distilleries that grows and malts its own barley.  I am not sure if this makes a difference to the quality of the product but I like the idea that they have control of the whole process from seed to bottle.
So why double wood (hehehe), well the spirit spends time in both classic bourbon casks before being transferred to sherry casks for finish. The only other point to note is the bottle I purchased a few months back ‘duty free’ in Sydney is bottled at 43% alcohol.  Why this is unusual is that all the other reviews I have seen note that they are bottled at 40%.  I am nearly sure there will be a tax/ duty reason for this but does it make a flavour difference?  Don’t know, nor will I likely ever get an opportunity to compare.  Anyway, on with the notes.

Appearance (4/5)

The Whisky displays a bright burnished amber colour that makes you feel warm just looking at it.

Nose (4/5)

The nose on this dram is not intense but worth investigating.  The most notable aroma is the deep caramel with a subtle vanilla oak backbone.  Cutting through the warm caramel is a light citrus highlight. This Whisky is subtle in nose but still quite layered.

Flavour (4.5/5)

I could tell before the spirit hit my mouth that it was going to have the slightly oily mouth feel.  It was growing legs and trying to climb out of the tumbler while I was taking notes.  The first flavours to hit me were sultanas, caramel and sweet (burnt) toffee.  These warm flavours were highlighted by a spicy pepperiness that tingled the tongue.  At first I thought this was just the alcohol but I believe it is a real flavour note. Very enjoyable.

Finish (4/5)

If this was a wine (red) I would use the descriptor ‘ a little flabby’ to describe the finish.  It clearly spent time in sherry casks that gave it a porty/ sherry ending on the tongue.  The flabbiness comes from a slight out of balance nature of the sherry.  The positive of this is the real richness that comes from the fruity caramel flavours.  The length is also excellent and with a long lingering warmth from the alcohol.

Rating: (16.5/20)

Of late I have been all over the big peat monsters like Ardbeg and it has been a great change to try one of the Speyside whiskies like Balvenie.  Looking at this score I think it probably deserves another half point (at least).  Either way, don’t be put off.  If you like a smoother spirit with a little spice this one will be right up your alley.  Enjoy.


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Laphroaig Quarter Cask Whisky

Date: 4th April 2011

Alcohol: 48%

Volume: 700mL

Price: $??? (mine was a gift :-))

Manufactured: Islay, Scotland

I gotta admit straight up, I don’t think I have come across an Islay whisky I don’t enjoy so you might need to take what I say with a grain of salt.  That being said of all the whisky’s that I normally have on rotation, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be a bottle of Lophoaig 10 year with the foil broken in the cupboard.  I love the stuff.  It is a great balance of peat and caramel that I think is right up there in bang for buck.  So when I unexpected received a bottle of Quarter Cask from the in-laws when they visited from ol’ blighty I thought ‘bring it on’.

BTW: That reminds me I should put up a review for Lophroaig 10YO.

From my detailed research (reading the back of the bottle), I understand that the name comes from the fact that the spirit spends some time in oak before being transfered to quarter casks that give it its sweetness.  I’m convinced.

Appearance (4/5)

Golden amber in colour.

Nose (5/5)

Sweet creme caramel with a lovely balance of peatiness.  This glass is over 2 feet away and I can clearly smell that beautiful peat.

Flavour (4.5/5)

Coating, slightly oily mouthfeel. There is an unmistakable campfire peatiness that won’t let you forget it’s Islay. Burnt caramel an dark malt are the stand out flavours.

Finish (4.5/5)

This dram has a warmth that sticks to the top of your mouth. It starts out in a powerful way and slowly develops into sweet raisons and dried fruit.  This one isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Rating: (17.5/20)


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