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Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Review Date: 28th July 2011

Box code: Unknown (purchased as single)

Of all the Cuban Robustos this is one that is usually in the top couple of recommendations so I was looking forwarding to sparking this one up.  This particular stick was purchased as a single and has been sitting in my humidor for about 6 months and was ready for my consumption.


The first thing I notice is the near perfect triple cap that moulds beautifully into the main body of the stick.  The colour is light brown, unremarkable but even.  I assume this came from a cabinet as there is no sign of box press.  The construction is consistent throughout just giving slightly to the touch down the entire length.


At cold there is a beautiful sweet tobacco smell with a small amount of grassiness.  This is a highlight; I recon I would have picked up a few more based on this aroma if I had bought them in a bricks and mortar. Very nice.


When lit the draw is just how I like it.  I call this medium resistance, none of that wimpy Robusto T stuff I have experienced recently.  The smoke comes in good quantity and leaves a peppery spice on the back of the pallet.  This dies away quickly and is replaced by dry flavours and toasty tobacco.  These flavours are quite pleasant but certainly not for those looking for the fruity notes.  There is a small amount of powdery cocoa around the middle third but that is the only deviation I really experienced.  The smoke given off however was exceptional.  The scent was one of the more floral cigars I have had in recent times.  I really enjoyed the creamy clouds wafting past my nose leaving a delicate floral aroma.  A sexy mose.


I had high expectations with this cigar and although it had no particular faults it was just a bit ‘ho-hum’.  I have heard of RASS’s having dark fruit & fruitcake flavours but this one gave me none of that.  This would be a great BBQ cigar or something to smoke while otherwise occupied.  For the price point this makes a good value option.  If I was selecting a box to put down for a while I would be looking for something with an oilier or more interesting wrapper as this could be an indicator.  I have certainly seen tastier looking sticks.  I will definitely try again.

BTW: I enjoyed the cigar with a Little Creatures Pale Ale.  The light fruitiness (peach & apricot) of the beer was a surprisingly nice combo with the toasty cigar.  Give it a try.

Rating: 85 points


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