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Birra Moretti Premium Larger

Date: 3rd April 2011

Alcohol: 4.6%

Volume: 330mL

Price: $55 /24 btls (Dan Murphys)

Manufactured: Milan, Italy

This is not the first time I have tried Birra Moretti but I must say that there have been a few packaging changes since the last time. The outer case (24 pack) was damn thin, in fact I don’t know how the hell it made it to oz without a few broken bottles. More important than that, the happy little dude in a green suit on the front has been shrunk and the brand enlarged. A travesty I say; surely the green dude can sell more beer than a simple logo. That’s just an engineer’s opinion I guess.

I have always been a bit smitten for the Italian beers as accompaniment with food. I am sure that it is 80% emotion as when you sit down and think about them, they are usually pretty non-descript. I don’t care; if I’m in the local Italian cafe having a prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella tasting plate on a Sunday morning I’d be all over a Moretti.

Worth noting, like a lot of beers this one started to come good as it warmed up a little from the fridge.

Appearance (4/5)

Light amber in colour with a light head (ok I’m being nice, it doesn’t hold for long).

Nose (2.5/5)

The nose is similar to several of the Italians (that doesn’t include Coca Cola Australia’s Peroni). At the front is pear and citrus with a hint of yeast. Overall, a light nose.

Flavour (2.5/5)

Quite a creamy mouth feel with smooth bubbles. Dry in flavour very with little residual sugar. It’s a non-offensive larger with not a lot on flavour.

Finish (3.5/5)

The finish is long and develops into a nice hoppy bitterness. It certainly makes up for a basic flavour.

Overall Rating: (13/20)


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