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Gage Roads – Sleeping Giant IPA

Date: 3rd July 2011

Alcohol: 5.4%

Volume: 330mL

Price: $18 per 6 pack (bottle shop)

Manufactured: Palmyra, Western Australia

For the uninitiated an IPA is an Indian Pale Ale.  This is a style of beer that is particularly popular in the Britain, not the least being with some of the bigger brewers like IPA and Fullers.  The story that I had heard previously about IPA’s was that they were a style of beer that was brewed with a ‘slightly’ higher alcohol percentage to help them survive the journey from Britain to India in the 1800’s.  If Wikipedia can be believed that is myth and it notes that rather they are brewed leaving little residual sugar and heavily hopped.

I love the look of this bottle and label.  I think Gage Roads have done a great job in creating a product that catches your eye in the bottle shop.  It caught mine and now I’m ready to give it a rip.

Appearance (4.5/5)

The beer has a great burnt amber colour verging on coppery red.  The head is fine and creamy in colour, only very thin but hangs around for the life of the drink.  Well done.  All in all, a good looking beer.

Nose (3/5)

When I first ripped off the crown I got a great whiff of hops that got the brain ready for an exciting beer.  The disappointment set in once poured as all but a trace of the hoppy smell was replaced by a fairly simple caramel nose.

Flavour (4/5)

Stone fruit is the dominant flavour, peaches and apricots that are softened by some dark caramel that matches the nose mentioned above.

Finish (3.5/5)

It takes some time to get past the peach and apricot flavour before you start to get some of that hoppy bitterness.  Not a lot there but still quite enjoyable.  Overall I would class this a medium to sweet beer.

Rating: (15/20)

I am not sure whether this score does this beer a disservice.  I like the beer and think that it would go well with some spicy food but probably not great as a session beer as the fruit can become somewhat cloying.


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