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Cohiba Robusto

I have enjoyed a few Cohiba Robustos over the years and the only complaint I have ever had is something like ‘this one is not as good as the last one’.  They are known to be one of the favourite vitolas of the most popular CC line around so you are usually in for an entertaining stick.

Today I tasted this CoRo with a double espresso of di Gabriel coffee and a big glass of San Peligrino.  This is a great combo’ which I highly recommend for a sunny afternoon smoke.

Review Date: 6th August 2011

Box code: ??? 2010 (a gift)

Ring Gauge: 50

Length: 12.4 cm

Vitolas: Robusto


This particular stick was average to firm down the length with no soft spots to be found.  The only notable imperfection on the wrapper was one small green blemish.  You may be able to see from some of the photos that the tan wrapper had a lovely fine leaf pattern. As you would expect it was adorned with a quality triple cap.


This stick has been sitting in the humidor for some time now.  Being a single it sits on the top shelf of my humidor and within easy reach for the occasional ‘fiddle and sniff’.  I am therefore familiar with the aroma at cold; cedar and sweet tobacco with vanilla and most characteristically straw (or hay). Really beautiful.


On firing up I get my first waft of smoke off the burn that is pure Cohiba.  It instantly reminds me of sitting in Café Paris in Havana.  Funny how aromas more than anything else can bring back memories in a moment.

The smoke starts out medium to light.  I get soft toasty flavours with dry peanuts and almonds.  I also get splashes of espresso but my beverage may be responsible to some part.  The first third is light on fruit but come the second third I start to get light dabs of dried apricots and peaches. The grassiness that you would expect with Cohiba was definitely there from start but much more notable in the second third onwards.

The burn is slightly uneven but nothing that requires a correction.  I roll the cigar over and things start to improve.

The further I got into this cigar the more I enjoyed it.  The body picked up to medium and I continued to get the toast, nuts and fruit.


This was definitely a finger burner of a smoke.  It didn’t get put to rest till things became awkward in the hand.  I highly recommend picking these up when budget allows.  I will definitely be putting a box into storage for a couple of years to see how things turn out.  The only question is how long they will last.

Rating: 92 points

Coffee Notes

For the Aussies out there that love a coffee I thought I would add a note about di Gabriel coffee.  I have recently started filling my grinder at home with di Gabriel espresso 101 blend.  It makes an awesome espresso with crema that stays complete for ages.  All bags come with a date stamp indicating when they were roasted.  We usually stop by the factory where you can pick up beans that will fit with the time period that you are likely to consume the coffee.

Do yourself a favour and either pick up a bag or drop by one of the cafes that use di Gabriel as a house blend.


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