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H Upmann Connoisseur No. 1

Firstly, I need to apologise for the break in reviews.  To fill in a few gaps I have just got married and decided that I needed a month to spend on the honeymoon.  Yes, we did attend Cuba (what a lovely wife) and I’m hooked.  I am looking for the next opportunity to get back.  What a blast.

Before I left I picked up a Robusto sampler that included all the usual suspects.  One of the contenders that I was looking forward to was the H Upmann Coni No1.  When I was reaching in to the humidor for my first taste on my return this was numero uno as I reckon Upmanns have some of the prettiest (most floral) smoke around.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Review Date: 16th June 2011

Box code: Unknown (purchased as single)

Ring Gauge: 48

Length: 12.7 cm

Vitolas: Hermosos


I was a little concerned, as this stick felt like a brick.  Tip to tail it was all firm.  No fault I admit, but I was thinking this thing will be plugged for sure.  The colour was consistent but as you can see from the photos, the 2nd half had a ‘leafy’ wrapper.


Yum.  Loads of cedar and smelt like a well-conditioned habanos.


On light, this cigar gave off bags of smoke that filled the air with those floral notes that I love in H Upmann.  At first it was medium bodied with mostly savoury notes like leather and earth.  The first half was very consistent.  Great burn (as you can see) without too many complications.  A very easy smoke that didn’t challenge or give up too much.

Come second half it was like a switch.  Within a draw it turned super creamy with chocolate and coffee.  I thought that it was heading down a dull path but I really started to enjoy this one.  Still not a lot of complexity but the creamy chocolate was great pre dinner.  I have no idea what age this cigar has (a single) but was thoroughly enjoyable and showed little signs of youth.  It popped up a couple of bitter signs but only similar to espresso or toasted tobacco. Good.


One of the more enjoyable aspects of this cigar was the consistency.  I have recently (in Cuba) had too many dodgy burns that detracts from the experience, relights and battling all the way.  This was behaved throughout.  Not complicated but enough to keep you entertained end to end.  As expected, the nose was wonderful and the smoke was great.  I would definitely back up for another.

Rating: 90 points









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